Opener Early Access Program Moves BlackFly Closer to General Release

Oshkosh, WI, July 24, 2023 -- Opener, the market leader in light eVTOL aircraft, today unveiled its Early Access Program (EAP), a significant milestone towards achieving market readiness and successful commercialization of BlackFly. In addition to allowing early BlackFly owners to take off on adventures, the program enables a select group of participants to provide Opener with invaluable feedback on every aspect of their customer experience.

“We have a sound and novel aircraft design,” said Ken Karklin, CEO, Opener. “Opener’s EAP establishes a two-way communication channel to inform how we address customer concerns, refine features, and optimize the overall user experience. Our close partnership with early adopters is a huge step toward moving us closer to general release and fulfilling the promise of personal aerial freedom.”

“Flight in a BlackFly is amazing. Even though I’ve been in and around aircraft for years, this is my first time as an official VTOL pilot,” said Tim Lum, BlackFly owner and Opener's first EAP partner. "And the connection with my BlackFly goes well beyond the aircraft itself. It's all the things that Opener does to assist me — from extensive flight training to delivery and ongoing support. The level of hands-on service is off the charts.”

To learn more about Opener’s Early Access Program and register your interest, please visit our website: Limited opportunities are available.

Light eVTOL Aircraft

  • Opener is a pioneer in light eVTOL aircraft. Over the past decade, the company has been perfecting BlackFly, its first vehicle, based on its tilt-aircraft architecture.
  • BlackFly is designed to comply with FAA Part 103 (Ultralight) category, which supports consumer recreation and short-hop travel, and is flyable in Class G airspace over uncongested areas. No pilot certificate is required to fly BlackFly.
  • Building on the success of BlackFly and leveraging the tilt-aircraft architecture, additional light eVTOL systems are in development for public service, military, in both uncrewed and optionally-crewed applications.

To ensure safe operation of BlackFly, Opener requires each pilot to undergo comprehensive flight training.

About Opener

Opener designs, develops, and manufactures light eVTOL aircraft, including BlackFly, with its distinctive tilt-aircraft design. As the first to fly a manned fixed-wing eVTOL in 2011, Opener is now the first in customer delivery of an eVTOL aircraft. Efficient, compact, and simple, Opener vehicles are designed for a wide range of consumer, public service, and military applications. You can find videos and more information at

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Heidi Groshelle