Beyond Roads:
The Future is Electric

Traffic congestion and long commutes are two leading causes of stress and reduction in quality of life. Countless hours are wasted on roads each day, idling in traffic--time that could be better spent with family and friends.

Our vehicles are intended to liberate the public from the restrictions of two-dimensional road travel by opening up a new world of untethered three-dimensional flight. Compact and simple, our vehicles are pioneering a new era of stress-free travel.

We envision the creation of new transportation networks consisting of affordable personal aircraft that will provide people the freedom to live in the country, while still being able to work in the city. You will be able to experience the best of both worlds within a short flight.

These new transportation networks will take advantage of the flexibility and economics of electricity. Electricity is becoming the energy currency for transportation in the 21st century. This electrification has already begun, starting with ground vehicles and progressing to aviation.

Electric vehicles are more efficient than those based on fossil fuels. Our emission-free Opener vehicles are able to tap into a wide variety of renewable energy sources. This future will be green, not just for the benefit of the environment, but also because it will make economic sense.